The Rebellion Begins || Lydia & Stiles

Lydia smoothed her hands over the ridiculously grandiose outfit her stylist forced her to wear. Being from District One, it was customary to wear all of Panem’s luxuries. In this case, Lydia was designed to look like a diamond. She wore a black gown that had millions of tiny white diamonds on it, causing her to sparkle from every angel. Her hair hung in red ringlets down her back, conditioned to perfection. Jackson told her countless times how hot she looked, but Lydia told him to stop talking. They were going into the games now, and it was no time for her to be feeling for him still when one of them had to die. Swallowing thickly, she looked up at him and suggested they got to know their fellow tributes. If anything, it would help them figure out the weaknesses of their opponents. She looked at the District two tributes and gave them a tight lipped smile. Of course, those would be her allies. Lydia had been training most of her life for the gams. She was a career. She had to. Cracking her knuckles, she dragged Jackson as she went to the District Three tributes. Lydia eyes them carefully. One of them was a stern looking girl. She heard her name was Cora. Cora was something Lydia decided she wanted on her side. Leaning up, she turned around and whispered to Jackson that he better not mess anything up, she wanted them as their allies. The boy on the other hand did not look as promising. He was lanky and goofy looking. She assumed he had some sort of brains, being that he was from the third district. Lydia also tried to remind herself not to be so quick to judge. She was always put on a pedestal and people quickly brushed her off as a person with lower intelligence simply because she was beautiful and interested in the feminine side of life.

Lydia cleared her throat before speaking, a smile growing on her lips. “I’m Lydia, and this is Jackson.” she introduced, not bothering to stick a hand out for the other two to shake. “District one.” she flashed them a grin. A part of her wondered if they were on par with the rebellion. Well, either one of them. News of revolution spread through out district one, and Lydia caught wind of it. She wasn’t even sure of Jackson agreed with her when it came to wanting to change Panem. He seemed content with his life of luxury.  ”We’re assuming you’ll be with the career pack, correct?” she searched both of their faces for some kind of answer, pausing to give them time to reply. “Well, regardless, I think us four could make a good tea- pack of alliances within the career pack.” she asserted, never being one to beat around the bush. Lydia preferred to tell things as they were. Hiding behind words and small details was distracting and not useful to anyone. She put her arm around Jackson’s waist, only to poke her finger into his back to prompt him to say something. Jackson merely grumbled something resembling, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ Lydia rolled her eyes, jabbing him again before smiling sweetly at the tributes from three